What is important in e-mail testing - 10 points:

  1. Use good/warm IP’s for send-out
  2. THE click works in all clients/mobiles
  3. Visual overview from many clients
  4. Monitor clickrates / openrate
  5. Monitor delivery status codes, user agents, 4xx, 5xx, 2xx
  6. Good looking and understandable without pictures, alt tag, contrast of text, font, default: not loaded in many clients
  7. Size kbyte + length/ clipped / cut off / included code to load - e.g font !?
  8. DNS, server stuff, DKMI, SPF, DMARC - allowed servers to send from …
  9. Use the advantage of an extra preheader
  10. Clean your recipient list! If no clicks/open or if 5xx state pause the send-out!

  11. Monitor reply to address - don’t be arrogant with do_not_reply@ - you chose to communicate via e-mail so be prepared for responses!
  12. html syntax checker / linter
  13. unsubscribe possibility

For the full list, send an e-mail to: e.mail.mindmap@gmail.com