1 Monat unterwegs auf Menorca / Mallorca: GR 223 + GR 221 (Planung)

Gespeichert von Thorsten am 7. Januar 2021 - 17:26

Es war mal wieder so weit, ein Monat unbezahlter Urlaub am Stück: Wandern.
Ich hatte verschiedene Ideen im Vorfeld: Menorca + Ibiza umlaufen, Rhein entlang...

Es wurde dann: GR 223 - Menorca umlaufen - Camí de Cavalls und Mallorca durchs Gebirge - Ruta de Pedra en Sec - GR 221.


1 Monat unterwegs auf Menorca / Mallorca: GR 223 + GR 221 (4. Woche)

Gespeichert von Thorsten am 31. Dezember 2020 - 17:25

Son 03.11. Deià - Sóller, 13 km, neuer Weg, Hotel
6:00 Uhr, 7:00 Uhr, immer dieses Schlagen/Klopfen - mir kommt nicht der geringste Gedanke das ICH hätte es ändern können...8:00 Uhr mal ins Bad...ups...das Minifenster hat Laden draussen, <bums> §$%&%$$ Ich hab die dann mal fixiert....schön ruhig nun....grrrrrrr Aggressive .


Testing e-mails ✉ ✓, Backend. Part 4

Gespeichert von Thorsten am 18. November 2018 - 15:33

Some numbers you should know, when sending out e-mails:
When an e-mail template is used, the behaviour is monitored and the behaviour of all existing e-mails in our system.
There are such details like the opening and click numbers, or if the email was able to reach the recipient at all.

One useful information is the status code of the receiving mailserver:
For that we need to know how the way of the e-mail does look like:


Testing e-mails ✉ ✓, more Frontend. Part 3

Gespeichert von Thorsten am 11. November 2018 - 11:11

When I know the e-mail itself looks ok, I go to a complete testing system and try to trigger the e-mail from there, with real data and think about special cases, like what happens if some optional data is there or not.
There I look into the logs, if some errors happened, because of some naming mismatch in the payload that should trigger the e-mail, or if some expected non optional data is missing.

When this is all ok, the e-mail is put to the live system and sometimes ramped up just to a part of users for some time in these stages:


Testing e-mails ✉ ✓, Frontend. Part 2

Gespeichert von Thorsten am 4. November 2018 - 13:20

We have 2 types of e-mails at the social business network company I current work with:

  • Marketing, which are pretty static and I get seldom contact to and
  • Platform interaction e-mails, like the weekly newsletter, which is very dynamic, that informs you about your profile visitors and upcoming events and more, or a less dynamic one, but important: password recovery.

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