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RePhone with Arduino IDE on Mac OS X

Gespeichert von Thorsten am 8. Januar 2017 - 17:26

There exists a tutorial how to use the RePhone with Mac OS X, but its lacking some comfort, lets push this a little further, but not to the end Sad

Existing tutorial:

What is it missing?

  • IDE
  • Firmwareupdater
  • Pushtool for binary file to RePhone

It's Arduino based, RePhone is 'similar' to Mediatek Linkit board - so if you find Mac OS X stuff for the Linkit board, it's the closest you could find.

  1. IDE

    Get the - there is a 1.6.0 version and the recent one while I was developing was 1.6.13 version - main difference is the handling of different board configurations.
    1.6.0: you can just copy the file tree of a new board configuration inside the app, app gets it
    1.6.13: you need a defined file with some checksums to get it listed and this is usually provided via download - the closest one I found is: - but not working out of the box for RePhone - I will not describe how to get this done

    For the ease of my development I used 1.6.0 version: on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6


  2. IDE board definitions + compiler

    Get the for Windows - don't worry, we just take the java IDE files from it Wink


    Copy files from archive to IDE:
    cp -r hardware/arduino/mtk/

  3. Firmwareupdater

    - is not essential to start working, but good to know it is possible Wink
    Is available, but needs some tweaking

    Download USB drivers:

    Rename the folder inside the SDK:
    mv tools/mtk/firmware/LinkIt_ONE tools/mtk/firmware/LinkIt_ONE_disabled

    Move the firmware folder from the windows version in step 2) (from the to the SDK:
    cp -r hardware/tools/mtk/firmware/LinkIt_Device/RePhone tools/mtk/firmware/LinkIt_ONE

    Now tools/mtk/ is able to flash the firmware to the RePhone

    And you can also put it to the
    cp -r tools/mtk

  4. Pushtool

    - not jet solved...
    somehow it works with the simple 'blink' example, but fails with a more sophisticated one - no idea why - debugged on clue
    Alternatives to compare to / try:

    as long as it is not solved, use the workaround:

  5. Get binary onto RePhone

    Just use the verify button to build your code for the RePhone target - you need to find the binary .vxp - which is in your temp folder - the IDE output gives you a hint - you can also just use 'find' to get it:
    find /var/folders/ -name *.vxp

    Put the RePhone in file mode, copy the file, e.g.:
    cp /var/folders/lx/hhfx0mgp21vm/T/build66115160777.tmp/RINGRING.cpp.vxp /Volumes/NO\ NAME/MRE/

    You might need to change the autostart file: /Volumes/NO\ NAME/autostart.txt

    Restart pushing 'the button'